Reasons to Buy Laundromat Machines Rather Than Rent or Lease

Some people who start laundromats choose to rent or lease the machines they’ll place in their facility. Although there are definite perks of such a decision, most people consider buying the equipment the best option. What are the reasons that you should opt to buy laundromat equipment rather than rent or lease? We have a list of reasons for you to ponder listed below, but this certainly isn’t an inclusive list.

Less Risk

If the machines are damaged when renting or leasing, you are responsible for the costs of the machine. Although this is rare in a laundromat that is being well-maintained, it is nonetheless a risk that you shouldn’t be so willing to take.

Own the Equipment

buy laundromat equipment

Do you want to pay to rent equipment when that money could be better put toward the costs of the machine that you will own? You could spend thousands and thousands of dollars to rent a machine that would cost a fraction of this amount if you bought it from the get go. Once you own the equipment, it is all profits from there!


Buying equipment is much easier than renting or leasing, according to many people’s opinions on the matter. There is much less hassle to endure during the process, no paperwork to complete and no waiting around. Buy the equipment and it is yours, when it is needed.

There are a few good reasons to buy equipment versus renting or leasing. The reasons listed here are a handful of the many but as said, there’s tons of other perks waiting.  There are financing options available to people who need to use this option when buying their laundromat equipment, making it even easier to get the items that you need.